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For fucks sake I had completely forgotten about good 'ol Diaryland! It's amazing how much life changes over the years...especially since I was last on here...Jesus, was I even married the last time I posted? Well, if anyone still happens to hang around here...I've been married for 8 years...going on 9...I'm going to grad school in January and I've been working at the local hospital for 7 baby boy is about to turn 18....damn, I'm old and in 24 days I'm going to London, which is my graduation present for finally being able to finish my degree... and graduating Magna Cum Laude while working full time and taking care of your family is definitely tough and well, I deserve a trip to a place I've dreamed about going to since I was little! No one seems to write here much anymore and those that do are locked I guess I may check in every once in a while...sure do miss the old days when I'd see nothing but red on the buddy list...wonder where all those people are now! Probably fucking Facebook! LOL
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